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Education and Legal Systems (tag: adpm_edlaw)

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The Education and Legal System group's mission is to study Mozambique’s current legal structure and educational policies, framework and standards to assess their alignment to the country’s idea of democracy.  We will review specific aspects of both topics that either support or impede Mozambique’s goals of democratization.  We will accomplish this through the review of current research (books, journals, dissertations) media (documentaries, films, music?) and interviews.  Our interviews will include Mozambican judges, public administrators, educational/political leaders, lawyers, teachers, and students.  We will also interview citizens in both rural and urban areas to assess their ideas about Mozambique’s legal and educational systems. 


As a comparative study, we will also talk to middle school students in the US and Mozambique and assess their ideas of democracy.  We would like to interview the following individuals and vocational profiles:


  •  Educational Policy Leaders
    • Armando Jorge Lopes, Eliseu Mabasso or other representative in the Social Sciences Faculty at the University Eduardo Mondlane
    • Representative of INDE (National Institute for Educational Development)
    • Mr. Domingos do Rosario Artur, Mr. Estevão Filimão, or other representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture
  •  Teachers/Principals/Students
    • Education students, Law students and students from the Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences at UEM 
    • Primary and secondary students in and outside of Maputo
  •  Judges/Lawyers
    • Present or past supreme court, municipal and district court justices, public defenders or law professors
    • Lower level judges in and outside of Maputo
  • City, Municipal or other Administrators
    • Mr. Francisco Jorge Manso, Municipality of Maputo
    • City administrators from rural areas outside of Maputo
  • (Multi) Cultural Policy Intellectuals, Mozambique
    • Mr. Lupwishi Mbuyamba, Executive Director OCPA
  • Members of Parliament/Assembleia Nacional
    • MP's that represent rural and urban areas


To do list & questions: 


  • Review current US standards to understand our governmental structure with relation to law/education and specific ideas about democracy
  • What is the status of bilingual education in Mozambique, or education in Languages other than Portuguese?
  • What is the status of electing/appointing judges and how is it tied to political parties throughout the legal heirarchy? 



Goals for the end of the trip in Mozambique:


By the end of the trip we would like to have a grasp on the current challenges and developments in the educational and legal system since 1992 - as these represent two fundamental institutions for a consolidated democracy. 


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