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Mozambique Political Posters

Page history last edited by Deirdre King 14 years, 7 months ago

Hey Gang, I checked a book of political posters out of the Purdy Kresge a while back and thought you all might be interested in some of it's contents....

    Sahlstrom, Berit. Political Posters in Ethiopia and Mozambique. Uppsala: Almqvist & Tryckeri, 1990.


Picture 1 is a political propaganda poster from Mozambique's socialist work co-ops in which rural farmers were displaced from their priviate farms and placed onto government run farming communities (Sahlstrom 65).



Picture 2 is a picture of Samora Machel giving a political speech just after independence. The book states, "It was a mass media picture, like a newspaper illustration. Samora Machel's reputation as a good speaker was alluded to by his position in front of a microphone. Wearing a trench-coat with raised collar, he was portrayed as a self-conscious, rather fashionable urban man" (Sahlstrom 83). Maybe an allusion to the elite education and status of Frelimo?




Picture 3 is somewhat of a political cartoon depicting the discrepancies between those regions commanded by the Portuguese, known as the “enemy zones,” and those zones liberated by Frelimo. Sahlstrom writes, “This is one of the despised ‘security villages’ which the Portuguese colonial regime organized for the inhabitants in sensitive areas of the country in order to control them and isolate them from guerilla incursions or the activities of local freedom fighters”  (Sahlstrom 55).



Picture 4 is my favorite! It's a great socialist poster depicting a man AND woman, side by side, in the struggle for Mozambique. It also has this great '70's vibe from

the coloration (Sahlstrom 103)




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